Ranking the world's most high-end Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses: the top three in Switzerland, Iceland and USA.

Switzerland jumped to first place from last year's third place. In the Swiss capital, Bern, you can see the cobbled streets and medieval Cheap Ray Bans, since the city was founded in the 12th century, has been the expansion of clean and orderly manner. Bern's Old Town in 1983 was included in the UNESCO "World Heritage List of Ray Ban Sunglasses."

Iceland's ranking jumped from ninth last year to second place. South of the country is not only popular with a lot of history and legends, as well as beautiful Ray Ban Outlet, including Europe's largest Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses, a variety of very nice Cheap Ray Bans allows people to see them all. Combines nature and culture so that people make Iceland to become a truly happy place to have Discount Ray Bans.

us in last year's ranking is the first of this year fell to third place. But look happy to be surrounded by the Danes, you may attend ranking small fall. People can participate in the July festival in Copenhagen, which, together or with the influx of people to the Queen Louise Bridge pastime stroll, or to the front of the Royal Danish Theatre with Ray Ban Sunglasses playing beach volleyball.

The latest on the list of countries ranked fourth to tenth, respectively, Norway, Canada, Finland, the Netherlands, Sweden, New Zealand and Australia.

Reported that the happiest country in the lives of people living longer Ray Ban Outlet glasses, social support more, experience more generous, there is a greater degree of freedom in the choice of the road of life, the less corruption seen per capita gross domestic product higher values.

Solutions Network for Sustainable Development, Columbia University economics professor Jeffrey Sachs said: "There is no door key to happiness, all these countries are doing very well in many aspects very rich which is good.? But this is only a small part of the decision of Buy Ray Ban Sunglasses Online. high social trust in government after ranking on corruption cases, people are generous, active volunteer to help others, all these elements are the Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses For Sale. "

Sustainable Development Solutions Network hope this report encourages all levels of government worldwide measure and improve the comfort of glasses.

Where To Buy Ray Ban Sunglasses, China Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses For Sale ranks first in the list on this latest 84, another upgrade over the previous two years.

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