My first new book of 2016 is almost here! I’m pleased to announce that Ve znamení meče, the Czech edition of Sworn Sword, will be published next month, and that this will be the cover:

Ve znamení meče

Ve znamení meče • James Aitcheson • Vyšehrad • 432 pp. • Hardcover • 368 Kč

As you can see, it’s very different to the cover of both UK and US editions, and to that of the German edition as well, but I think you’ll agree it’s striking in its own way. It’s difficult to go wrong with such a widely known image as the Bayeux Tapestry!

Translated by Petra Pachlová, Ve znamení meče will be published by Vyšehrad in hardcover on 15 February 2016 and can be yours for a mere 368 Kč (around £10). Spread the word among your Czech-speaking friends!

For a fuller synopsis and further details, and to buy online, visit the Vyšehrad website.

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