James is the author of no fewer than four novels set during the aftermath of 1066, including the Conquest Series, which begins with Sworn Sword and features the Norman knight Tancred.

His latest novel, The Harrowing, was published in the UK by Heron Books, an imprint of Quercus, in July 2016. He is currently working on his fifth novel.


Recently published

The HarrowingThe Harrowing
Available in the UK.
Five refugees journey through a land laid bare by the Norman advance, seeking sanctuary in the north. But are they fleeing the Normans or their own troubles? Priest, Lady, Servant, Warrior, Poet: each has his own story; each his own sin. As their enemies close in, the five are forced to confront their own pasts in order to find redemption before it is too late.
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Conquest Series


Sworn Sword (paperback)1. Sworn Sword
Available in the UK, Commonwealth, US, Germany and the Czech Republic.
January, 1069. In the wilds of Northumbria, rebellion is stirring. Less than three years after their defeat at Hastings, the English are rising again. As the knight Tancred seeks vengeance for his fallen lord and comrades, he finds himself caught up in a plot that harks back to the day of Hastings itself. The fate of the kingdom hangs in the balance…
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The Splintered Kingdom2. The Splintered Kingdom
Available in the UK, Commonwealth, US, Germany and the Czech Republic.
Summer, 1070. Renowned for his exploits, Tancred has been rewarded with a lordship on the turbulent Welsh Marches. But as the enemy stirs, his hard-fought gains are soon placed in peril. Under siege on all sides, the Norman realm begins to crumble, leading Tancred to face his sternest challenge yet. It will be either his chance for glory, or his undoing.
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Knights of the Hawk3. Knights of the Hawk
Available in the UK, Commonwealth and US.
Autumn, 1071. Five years after Hastings, only a determined band of rebels in the Fens stands between King William and absolute conquest. But as the Normans’ progress grinds to a halt, tempers flare, friendships sour and old grudges resurface, while Tancred’s loyalty is put to the test as never before. Soon he must make a choice that will determine his destiny.
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