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Tancred Street, Taunton

Tancred Street in Taunton, Somerset. Photo by Ben Kane.

I was recently sent the above photo by fellow historical novelist Ben Kane, author of the bestselling Hannibal: Enemy of Rome, who happened upon Tancred Street while visiting Taunton last month.

Since my Tancred is a fictional character and not based on any particular historical figure, unfortunately I can’t claim that it was named after him. Still, it started me wondering whether there might be any other streets or places (either in Britain or abroad) that share the names of characters from Sworn Sword.

Is there a Wace Crescent, for example, or a Malet Street? Somewhere in the world does there exist a Eudo Drive, a Radulf Walk, an Aubert Avenue, or even an Ælfwold Terrace?

Let me know if you come across any good examples, either by getting in touch with me via the Contact page or by posting pictures on Twitter, using the #SwornSword hashtag and/or tweeting me at @JamesAitcheson. I’ll post the best photos here on the website for all to see.

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