Enter the date into your diaries! Thursday 14th March marks a mega-launch day for the Aitcheson clan. Not only will the paperback edition of The Splintered Kingdom be hitting the shelves – available in all good bookshops, supermarkets and online – but also my brother Alistair’s latest game for iPad, the fast and frantic Slamjet Stadium will be unleashed upon the world.

Set in the distant future, Slamjet Stadium features a galaxy of sporting stars drawn from the furthest reaches of known space to take part in the ultra-competitive and deadly Slamjet Tournament. There can only be one winner, and the only rule is that there are no rules!

Having already played the pre-release version of the game, I can tell you that it’s not just brilliant fun, it’s also incredibly addictive. Check out for yourself what’s in store, in this sneak preview:

Here’s what Alistair himself has to say about the game:

Based on an ancient 20th Century sport known as “football”, the Slamjet tournament is the hottest event of the galactic calendar. Arenas are filled with deadly saws, mysterious wormholes and ridiculous power-ups, and only the fastest and toughest can win!

Played on a shared iPad, players are free to get in each other’s way, steal each other’s characters or set off traps to mess their opponent up. It’s fast, it’s chaotic and breaking the rules is encouraged!

You can get all the latest updates by following Alistair on Twitter, while more information about Slamjet Stadium can be found on the official website and also on Alistair’s development blog, which also features behind-the-scenes videos and articles on the making of the game.

Slamjet Stadium will be released worldwide on 14 March 2013, the same day as The Splintered Kingdom is published in the UK in paperback. Spread the word on Twitter with #AitchesonBrosLaunchDay!

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