England in 1066

A historical guide to some of the locations featured in the novels

The British Isles, c.1066


LondonLondon (Lundene)
Features in: Sworn Sword.
Originally founded by the Romans, re-built under King Alfred.


Durham CathedralDurham (Dunholm)
Features in: Sworn Sword.
Scene of the ambush in January 1069 where Tancred’s journey begins.


Clifford's Tower, YorkYork (Eoferwic)
Features in: Sworn Sword, The Splintered Kingdom.
A rich and vibrant port; the capital of northern England.


River Teme valley north of KnightonThe Welsh March (Marchia Wallie)
Features in: The Splintered Kingdom; Knights of the Hawk.
The turbulent border region between England and the Welsh kingdoms.


Ely Cathedral, West TowerEly (Elyg) and the Fens
Features in: Knights of the Hawk.
The backdrop for Hereward’s desperate rebellion against the Normans.


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BristolBristol (Brycgstowe)
Features in: Knights of the Hawk.
A thriving slave-market and one of England’s largest cities c.1066.


Rougemont Castle, ExeterExeter (Execestre)
Mentioned in: Sworn Sword
A port with Continental connections, besieged by William I in 1068.


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